We offer a range of free archaeology services to local organisations and individuals, frequently being called upon to further investigate things that have turned up in the ground! Our capabilities include:

  • Non-invasive resistivity and magnetometry surveys which involve taking readings across a grid. The results are plotted to give a visual representation of what lies underground, hopefully revealing features of interest
  • Digging 1 metre square 'test pits' to investigate archaeology to a depth of around 1 metre
  • Surveying an area using drone photography
  • Using LiDAR imaging and historical maps to better understand a given landscape
  • Small-scale open excavations where warranted

Test pits, map research, drone photography and 'Geophys'

Wolverhampton Archaeology Group has public liability insurance and the experience to carry out investigations and record the results in a professional manner. We take great care to restore the ground to its original condition after carrying out any excavation.

Colour plot of geophysics data

As you can see in the photographs below, when excavating on lawns, we avoid making a mess or damaging the grass by laying out plastic sheeting. Sections of turf are carefully cut and set aside and topsoil and subsoil is kept in separate piles as it is removed. Once the dig is complete, soil is replaced in the correct order and tamped down to avoid any risk of sinking. Finally, the turf is re-laid in its original position.

Turf is carefully removed and plastic sheeting is laid out to protect the area

Just two weeks later, traces of the test pits have almost disappeared

If you think there could be an interesting feature on your property and would like us to investigate, please get in touch.