Community Project Resumes!

Community Project Resumes!

A perforated malthouse drying floor tile, probably of late 18th century date.

After an absence of almost 12 months due to the pandemic, Coven Community Archaeology Project is finally back on track. Details of upcoming digs can be found on the Meetings & Events page.

As restrictions were eased in spring, we began initial exploration for the site of 'Coven Furnace', a blast furnace which was in operation for much of the 17th century. While our investigations are still at an early stage and we have yet to dig any test pits etc, we have managed to find a number of large worked sandstone blocks which could well be part of the furnace or some ancillary building.

On Sunday 30th May we revisited one of out test pits from last year in which an unusual wooden object or structure was discovered. Despite revealing more of the timbers and receiving a plethora of suggestions, we're not yet certain what we've found. However, a perforated tile from a malthouse drying floor found in association with the timbers may provide a clue. We shall be digging again in the same area in a few months time.

Sandstone block

A large worked sandstone block, possibly connected to the 17th century blast furnace at Coven

The mysterious wooden object or structure revealed in our latest test pit